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Here is where the corresponding text for a company, product or service appears in a live entry.
Under the market heading you have the opportunity to present and describe your company and anything else pertinent to the products and or services that you offer.
Images and video can also be integrated within this body of text as well. All entries are divided into categories, and matching tags (searchable keywords) are assigned so that visitors can quickly and accurately find the information they are looking for. While the number of entries is not limited, the text length of an entry is limited to a maximum of 5000 characters.
All entry search results are listed so that the visitor sees the specific category the search term corresponds to for example " Palletizing Robot" as well as specific tags or keywords associated with the search term including all the companies specializing in or offering that product or service for example.
Visitors may at any time generally browse all the entries or keywords associated with a company to get an impression of the company's competencies or scope of services offered for example. The site search engine does of course process any site wide queries through the search field located at the top of every page as well.



About Us is an unique English language marketplace platform for global marketing in the field of assembly and automation. The site is designed to showcase companies, products and services relevant to the industry. Our goal is to provide a platform through which companies can achieve global competitive advantage as well as increase their international reach and visibility.

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The site will open with a reservation phase, during this time the site is live but we will not be actively generating traffic. This phase is necessary in order for us to begin building new partnerships within the industry. A marketplace is only as attractive as its potential to satisfy a customer’s needs and our vendors are the most important aspect of our site. Therefore the booking is free during the reservation phase. Thereafter the booking fee depends on the service.

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